Say Goodbye to Stains: How to Clean White Shoelaces Like a Pro

White shoelaces are a popular choice for many types of shoes, from sneakers to dress shoes. However, they can quickly become dirty and stained, making your footwear look worn and unkempt. Cleaning white shoelaces can be a simple and effective way to restore their original brightness and keep your shoes looking new. In this guide, we’ll provide you with some tips and techniques for how to clean white shoe laces, so you can keep your footwear looking fresh and clean.


Cleaning white shoelaces can be a tedious task. Fortunately, there are several supplies that you can use to make it a lot easier. You will need a heavy-duty laundry detergent, a small brush, a toothbrush, or a soft cloth. You may also want to consider using some white vinegar and baking soda if needed. Let’s take a look at the supplies you will need to get your job done.



Using a mild detergent is the most effective way to clean white shoe laces. While more aggressive cleaners may lead to damaging the laces, using a mild detergent will give them just enough cleaning power to get out dirt and grime, while preserving the strength and integrity of the lace material.

For best results, use a gentle formula that is pH-balanced and free of bleaches, solvents or strong ingredients that might dissolve the shoelace material. Regular detergents are usually safe enough for white shoe laces; however please read labels carefully to make sure there are no harmful ingredients included.

It’s important to use only a small amount of detergent as too much of it can cause damage or discoloration in some textile materials. If you’re not sure which type of detergent works best for your shoelaces, try combining water with a very mild dishwashing liquid or laundry soap, using two parts water for every part of soap you mix in. This kind of solution should be gentle enough for most lace materials without causing discoloration.



Toothbrushes can be an effective tool for cleaning white shoe laces. To use, simply wet the toothbrush with warm water and use it to scrub the laces in a circular motion. This will help to remove any dirt or grime that has built up on them over time.

Be sure to pay extra attention to the ends of the laces, as these areas tend to gather more dust and debris than other parts. Once you have cleaned them, rinse the laces thoroughly with clean water, then let them air dry before wearing them again.

It is important to note that this method should only be used for white shoelaces; it is not recommended for colored ones as it may fade their color over time.


The main cleaner needed to remove dirt and grime from white shoe laces is water. Plain, clean tap water is best; however, many people prefer to use distilled water for a higher degree of cleanliness. Distilled water can be found in the grocery or convenience store and it does not contain any impurities that could cause discoloration or damage to your laces.

Before beginning the cleaning process with the water, be sure to check the label on your white shoelaces for any particular care instructions. Always test any products and cleaning agents in an inconspicuous area before applying it to the entire lace to avoid potential damage.

When you are ready to begin cleaning, start by lightly dampening a soft cloth with warm water. Gently scrub away any visible dirt or stains on the surface of your laces until they are all gone. Take care not to scrub too hard or you may end up damaging them further than they already were!

Additionally, be sure only use very cold or tepid temperatures as hot water can damage certain fabrics and materials that your shoelaces may be made from. Once the dirt has been completely removed and the cloth no longer shows signs of discoloration, dry off your laces using another deep dry cloth before putting them back in their original place on your shoes.


Before tackling the actual cleaning process, it’s important to make sure you have all the supplies you need for it. You’ll need a bucket, white vinegar, baking soda, a sponge, a toothbrush, and a soft cloth. Additionally, it’s also important to read the cleaning instructions on the shoelace packaging to make sure they won’t get damaged during the cleaning process.

Let’s now discuss the steps of how to clean white shoelaces.

Remove laces from shoes

remove shoe laces

Before cleaning your white shoelaces, it’s important to first remove the laces from the shoes. Removing the laces makes cleaning them easier since you can have full access to both sides of the lace and ensure that you don’t miss any spots. To remove the laces, start by undoing any knots on either end and then pull each end firmly until it comes free from its lace eyelets.

Place your shoelaces in a safe place so that they don’t fray or get damaged before you begin to clean them.

Soak laces in warm water

Cleaning white shoelaces can be a tricky task because the color can become discolored or dingy if they are not cared for properly.

Begin by removing them from the shoes and then submerging them in a bowl filled with warm water. The temperature of the water should be warm enough to wash away dirt without being too hot, which could cause the shoelaces to warp.

Gently stir the laces in the water for about two minutes to remove surface dirt and debris, then carefully remove them from the bowl and rinse them with cold water.

Lastly, squeeze out any excess moisture and hang them somewhere that is free from direct sunlight until completely dry.


In this section, we’ll discuss the best way to clean white shoelaces and the materials you need.

From there, you can follow the steps to properly clean your white shoe laces and get them looking like new.

Apply detergent to a toothbrush

detergent to a toothbrush

For this type of cleaning, you will need a gentle detergent such as a mild shampoo or a dishwashing liquid, a very small bowl, and a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Mix one teaspoon of detergent with four teaspoons of water in the bowl. Dip the toothbrush into the soap solution and gently rub it onto the white shoelaces. This step should be done with care to ensure that you don’t damage or fray the laces in any way. Work in small circular motions concentrating on any stains or marks that may have accumulated on the laces since their last cleaning.

Gently scrub laces with a toothbrush

When cleaning white shoelaces, it is crucial to be gentle and take extra care. To start, you will want to dampen the laces using a soft cloth that does not contain any fabric softener. Then, use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently scrub the laces in small circular motions. Focus on areas of the lace that have tough stains from dirt or other materials, paying special attention when handling stubborn stains.

After applying gentle pressure around any problem areas while brushing away dirt or debris, rinse the clean laces thoroughly with warm water. Blot dry with a clean microfiber cloth and then hang them up outside or in an open space until they are completely dry before re-lacing your shoes.

Rinse laces with warm water

warm water rinse

It’s important to use a damp cloth and lukewarm water to wipe away any dust, dirt, or grime from the surface before rinsing them with warm water. This will prevent any dark colors from transferring onto the white laces during the cleaning process.

Once this initial cleaning step is complete, submerge the shoelaces into a bucket of warm water for 5-10 minutes. After allowing them to soak in the solution, agitate them with your hands whilst they are still submerged to help remove any remaining dirt or stains.

Once complete, remove the shoelaces from the bucket and squeeze out any excess water. If possible, hang them outside in direct sunlight and allow them to dry naturally – this will help restore the original shade of white once they are completely dry.


Once you’ve washed your white shoelaces, you’ll need to dry them to remove any remaining moisture. Drying your laces is an important part of the cleaning process, as damp laces may not only be uncomfortable but can also cause them to become discolored.

Let’s get into detail about the best way to dry your white shoe laces.

Hang laces in a well-ventilated area

air drying shoe laces

Once your laces have been successfully removed from your shoes and completely immersed in the cleaning solution, it’s time to hang them up in a well-ventilated area in order to allow them to dry completely. Use a clothesline or laundry rack and ensure that the laces are not twisted or tangled as they hang. Sunlight may help, however, leave the laces out of direct sunlight as this could potentially cause them to become discolored.

Before you place the laces back in your shoes, make sure that they are completely dry and free from any excess cleaning solution residue. It may be necessary to brush the laces with a soft bristle brush or rag after drying so that any dirt or grime particles come loose. You can also dampen a rag with water or vinegar solution and scrub the laces gently if needed before they go back into your shoes ensuring they are fresh, clean, and odor-free once more.

Allow laces to air dry

Allow your laces to air dry, rather than drying with a cloth or hot air. After rinsing the laces clean, lay them down flat in a well-ventilated area. Generally, it is best to avoid direct sunlight when air drying your shoelaces; the intense heat can cause the material of the laces to fade more quickly with exposure.

The process of letting your shoe laces air dry can take anywhere from 4 hours to overnight depending on their size and fabric composition. Once completely dry, make sure that you replace them properly in your shoes.


Keeping your white shoelaces looking bright and clean requires regular maintenance. Doing so will help extend the life of your laces and keep them looking like new ones for longer.

There are a few simple steps you can take to keep your white shoelaces spic and span. Read on to learn how to clean white shoe laces and keep them looking squeaky clean.

Clean laces regularly

regular maintenance

To ensure that your white shoelaces last for a long time, it’s important to clean them regularly. Here are some basic tips to help you get started:

-Make sure your shoes are clean and dry before applying any cleaning products.

-Dampen a soft cloth with warm water and gentle detergent, then wipe the laces vigorously – paying extra attention to stained areas.

-If necessary, brush the laces with a soft toothbrush or a shoe brush. To keep the bristles soft, only use cold water during this step.

-Rinse with clear water and allow the laces to air dry naturally. Don’t stick them in the dryer or near any heat source – extreme temperatures can damage them.

-Once they’re completely dry, go over any remaining stains with a mild stain remover or whitening solution (make sure it’s safe for use on fabrics).

-Repeat as necessary until you’re satisfied with your results!

Store laces in a cool, dry place

When not in use, it is important to store white shoelaces in a cool, dry place to preserve both their color and structure. Extreme temperatures can cause the fibers to weaken or discolor. Keeping the laces in a place where they won’t be exposed to dirt and dust will also help to prolong their life.

Additionally, you should avoid folding, bending, or twisting the shoe laces as much as possible. This can put too much stress on them and cause them to fray over time – meaning, use hangers or shoe caddies if possible when putting them away.

Finally, be sure you clean your white shoelaces before storing them away – this will help ensure they stay as fresh and white as possible when it comes time to take them out again! First, remove any excess dirt with a cloth or brush then rinse with cold water and allow them to air dry before storing.


How often should I clean my white shoelaces?

It depends on how frequently you wear your shoes and how dirty they get. As a general rule, you should aim to clean your shoelaces every few weeks.

How can I prevent my white shoelaces from getting dirty?

You can spray them with a protective coating, such as a fabric protectant, and avoid wearing them in muddy or dirty conditions.

Can I air-dry my white shoelaces?

Yes, it’s recommended to air dry them to prevent any damage from high heat.

Can I use a hair dryer to dry my white shoelaces?

It’s not recommended, as high heat can damage the fibers of the shoelaces.

How can I remove stubborn stains from my white shoelaces?

You can try applying a stain remover or white vinegar to the stains and scrubbing gently with a brush.

Can I clean my white shoelaces while they’re still in my shoes?

Yes, but it may be more difficult to access all areas of the laces and ensure a thorough cleaning.

Can I use dish soap to clean my white shoelaces?

Yes, mild dish soap can be effective in removing dirt and stains from them.

Will cleaning my white shoelaces damage them?

If done correctly, cleaning your white shoelaces should not damage them. However, using harsh chemicals or scrubbing too vigorously can cause damage to the fibers.


In conclusion, cleaning white shoelaces is a simple and effective way to keep your shoes looking fresh and new. With a few basic materials and some elbow grease, you can easily remove dirt and stains from your shoelaces and restore their brightness. By following the tips and techniques outlined in this guide, you can ensure that your white shoelaces stay clean and attractive for as long as possible.